Rapp-It 'Instant' Pipe Repair Solutions

Rapp-It is a quick action emergency pipe repair system that stops leaks instantly.

Fix leaks fast in 30 minutes.

It is so simple to use, with no mixing or measuring required. Rapp-It has woven fibreglass substrate impregnated with a water activated polyurethane resin.

Major industries such as the mining, industrial, marine and agricultural environments are specific markets and areas of use for Rapp-It products.

Reduce Costly Downtime

Rapp-It’s ability to perform effectively in emergency situations greatly reduces costly downtime and production loss, and because of the products ease of use, it can be applied by practically any apprentice applicator.

Because Rapp-It can produce a successful repair within 30 minutes, it should be made available to all maintenance staff within your industry.

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