NMF crane parts and Neuenfelder Maschinenfabrik crane parts are available worldwide from Crane Spare Parts.com. NMF Crane parts are shipped worldwide for both newer NMF crane models and older NMF crane types.

Crane engineers are available for NMF crane repairs and crane maintenance worldwide. All aspects of crane repair can be carried out including crane inspections, electrical setup, hydraulic checks, slew ring change outs, twin crane configuration, limit switch setup, crane winch and gearbox strip down and overhaul. Crane engineers are available for emergency call out through to vessel dry docking’s.

Some of the NMF crane models that crane parts are available for are listed below;

NMF DK35024, DKII Heavy, DK35028, DKII 35027


DK II and all other types of NMF crane

Original NMF crane parts and replacement NMF crane parts are available worldwide. Crane parts available include; hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, winch parts, gearbox parts, slew rings, slip rings, hydraulic hoses, seal kits, control desks, potentiometers, joysticks, bolts, limit switches, relays, electrical cards, coils, valves, crane sheaves, hookblocks and all other types of NMF crane parts.

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