MacGregor crane parts and Hagglund crane parts are available worldwide from Crane Spare MacGregor crane parts are shipped worldwide for both new crane models and older crane types. Both MacGregor OEM crane parts and MacGregor replacement crane parts are available.

Crane engineers are available for MacGregor crane repairs worldwide. Crane engineers are specialists for MacGregor cranes and Hagglund cranes. Crane engineer scope of work includes emergency crane repairs, voyage repairs, slew ring change outs, crane winch strip down and rebuilding, crane inspections, crane sheave change outs, wire rope change outs, limit switch settings, general inspections, overload tests, quadrennial tests, planned maintenance and dry docking’s.

Some of the MacGregor ship crane, and MacGregor deck crane models that crane parts are available for are listed below;

MacGregor D1520, G2024, G2522, G2524, G3528, MacGregor G3628, G3630

G4027, G4032, GL3024, GL4027, GL6021, GP100, GPS630, HH450, MacGregor L2021, L3034, L4022, L4026, L4031

L3519, LC2522, SPS630, SVG, TE1626, TG2528, TG3526, TG5026

MacGregor hydraulic pumps and MacGregor hydraulic motors available for sale, repair or refurbishment include;

MK43 04700, MK43 06800, MK43 09200, MK44 04700, MK44 09200, MK 63 11100, AO XN 0200

MK63 16300 AO XN0200, MK 64 11100 AO XN 0200, MK64 16300 AO XN0200, MK83 14800 AO XN

MK83 25100 AO XN, MK83 3800, MK84 14800 AO XN, MK84 25100 AO XN, MK84 3800

MacGregor crane parts available include: crane winch parts, hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps, joysticks, cable, bearings, o-rings, wire ropes, sheaves, gearbox parts, potentiometers, hook blocks, bolts, monoblocks, solenoid valves, motor parts, slew bearings, slip rings and all other types of MacGregor crane parts.

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