Liebherr crane parts are available worldwide from Crane Spare Liebherr crane parts are shipped worldwide for both new Liebherr crane models and older Liebherr crane types.

Crane Engineers are also available worldwide. Engineers are trained in Liebherr crane repairs, and can carry out emergency crane repairs, planned maintenance, dry dockings, winch stripdown and overhaul, sheave changeout, overload tests, quadrennial surveys, port repairs and all kinds of repair.

Some of the Liebherr ship crane, Liebherr deck crane and Liebherr pedestal crane models that crane parts are available for are listed below

Liebherr B10/10-12, B10/20-22, B10/24-26 SH, B11/14-16 VG, B11/20-22, B12.5/16-18, B12.5/18-20, B15/16-18, B15/18-20, B15/24-26, B15/26-28, B16/18-20, B16/20-22, B16/22-24, B16/30-32 VG, B20/14-16, B20/22-24, Liebherr B20/24-26, B22/22-24, B25/18-20, B25/20-22, B25/22-24 VG, B25/24-26, B25/26-28, B3/10, B3/12, B3/14-16, B30/16-18,

Liebherr B35/22-24, B35/24-26, B36/20-22, B36/32, B36/32 SM, B36/32 SM, B36S, Liebherr B40/18-20, B40/18-20, B40/24-26, B5/10, B5/12, B5/12-14, B5/14-16, B5/16-18, B5/18-18, B5/18-20, B50/14-26, B50/24-26, B8/16-18, BE15/18-20, BW25, BW30, BW36, BW36/20, BW50, BW6/19, BW8/20, CAB, CB38, CB40, CBG, CBM30, CBM36, Liebherr CBM40/28, CBS3100, CBW10, CBW20, CBW25, CBW36

CBW40, CBW50, CBW60, CCB40, D2xB 25/22-24, D2xB16/16-18, D2 x SB16/20, D2 x SB16/22, D2 x SB35/24, Gantry, M+SB20/22, MP30, MP40, MPS45, PB6/12, PBK2, PBK3, PBK4, PBK5, PBK6, Liebherr PBW, S20/20, S24/25, S25/20, S25/22, S25/24, S40/30, SB10/18, SB16/18, SB25/18, SB25/24,SB5/16, SB5/18, SB5/20, SB5/22, SB5716, Spreader

Liebherr crane hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors available for sale, repair and refurbishment include:

A2F160W2Z6, A2V107HWEL, A2F225W1Z6, A2V225, A2F160L2P3, A2F107W1Z6, A2F80W2Z6

A2V225HWEL, A2F80W2Z6, A2F87W1Z6, A4V125, A4V71, A4V90, A4V125, A2FM32/61W-VAB040, A6V225, A2V225HWEL

A2FM107/61W-VZB010, F2V80, F2V80HWEL, A6V225HD2FS2080-993-1

Liebherr crawler crane parts also available

Liebherr offshore crane parts and Liebherr pedetal crane parts also available

Liebherr crane parts available include joysticks, potentiometers, pcb cards, monoblocks, switches, control valves, brake solenoid valves, hydraulic hoses, filters, rams, cylinders, hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, accumulators, winch parts, slew gears, slewrings, brakes, sheaves, crane hook blocks, bearings, wire ropes, bolts and many other Liebherr crane parts.

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