Liebherr offshore crane parts are available worldwide from Crane Spare

Liebherr crane parts are shipped worldwide for both new Liebherr crane models and older Liebherr crane types.

Crane engineers are available worldwide for Liebherr crane repairs. Services available include inspections, dry docking’s, voyage repairs, planned maintenance, quadrennial testing, crane overload testing, slew ring changeouts, hydraulic pump and motor set up, electronic set up, crane limit setting and all other types of Liebherr offshore crane services.

Some of the Offshore Liebherr crane models that crane parts are available for are listed below;

Liebherr BOS cranes including; BOS 100/1300, BOS 100/1800, BOS 100/2000, BOS 100/2600, BOS 100/4000, BOS 150/5000, BOS 25/300, BOS 30/1100, BOS 40/400, BOS 50/1500, BOS 50/1900, BOS 65/850D, BOS 80/1000, Liebherr CBO cranes, Liebherr RL cranes, Liebherr MTC cranes and all other types of Liebherr offshore cranes.

Liebherr pumps and Liebherr motors available for sale, repair or refurbishment include:

A2F160W2Z6, A2V107HWEL, A2F225W1Z6, A2V225, A2F160L2P3, A2F107W1Z6, A2F80W2Z6, A2V225HWEL, A2F80W2Z6, A2F87W1Z6, A4V125, A4V71, A4V90, A4V125, A2FM32/61W-VAB040,

A6V225, A2V225HWEL, IPH 4-32 101, A2FM107/61W-VZB010, F2V80, F2V80HWEL, A6V225HD2FS2080-993-1 and all other types of Liebherr crane hydraulic pumps and hydraulic motors.

Original Liebherr parts and replacement Liebherr parts are available worldwide. Crane parts available include hydraulic pumps, hydraulic motors, winch parts, gearbox parts, pcbs, crane wire ropes, bolts, slewrings, sliprings, brakes, disks, electric motors, slew gears, slew motors, joysticks, potentiometers, relays, switches, cabling, bearings, seals and all other types of Liebherr crane parts.

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